Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Cutting Calories Does NOT Always Result In Fat Loss

You may already know that there are 3500 calories in one pound of fat. So many “gurus” say that by reducing your intake by 500 calories per day, you will lose one pound of fat per week. This is NOT correct. Fact is that most of the weight you'll lose will come from muscle. It will not come from fat. The reason is that our bodies are built for fight or flight. Therefore, the body will use muscle tissue for needed energy before it uses fat deposits. Consequently, you may lose a pound of weight but you've lost valuable muscle instead of the targeted fat.

We live in a “fast” world. We all want answers and solutions now. But the key to achieving long term healthy weight and a healthy muscle to fat ratio is to TAKE YOUR TIME to get to your ideal body composition. Be patient with fat loss. Be sure to preserve or build muscle tissue. It takes time and a combination of weight training, mild cardio and dietary manipulation/changes. If you aren’t patient and try to rush, you might lose according to the scales but you will not obtain your medium and long term goals.

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