Wednesday, November 7, 2012

“Weights” Are Not Created Equal

We all keep track of the amount of weight we can lift for each move.  However, did you know that you might be comparing apples and oranges? 

You cannot compare 100 lbs. of say free weights to 100lbs of machine weight.  You cannot even compare 100lbs from cable machine to another cable machine.   They just are not the same.

Several factors are at play including gravity, force, pulley tension and path of motion.    Machines have an added complication because of a fixed range of motion.   By comparison, free weights use a natural, unrestricted range of motion.    The range of motion, angles, tension on pulleys (if machine) even vary from machine to machine.   If you are like me and visit different gyms because of travel, don't get psyched out (or too psyched up) if you are lifting less (or more) on the “same” machine as at your home gym.

It is not so much about the pounds you lift as the quality of your workout!

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