Wednesday, April 24, 2013

MISTAKE/Popular Bad Advice – Looking Up

Many trainers, fitness magazines and other usually reliable sources recommend “looking up” when performing lifting moves.  Most people interpret this as tilting their head upward.   MISTAKE.    This is not the natural arch in your spine.  Lifting, especially big moves, means hundreds of pounds of weight across your back.  Thus, it puts a huge amount of pressure on the disks.  You need to keep your head neutrally aligned. 

When executing the big heavy moves such as barbell rows, squats, deadlifts and bench, your eyes and head should be forward.  For bent-over rows, since your body is bent-over about 45 degrees, your head should remain neutral, which also means it is 45 degrees to the floor.  For squats and deadlifts, forward means straight ahead, not down or up -- straight spine and natural arch.  

Safety and form are always first.   If you concentrate on those items, you will be able to lift more pounds.  

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