Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Back Exercises - Variations

As I have written in previous post, our back is KEY to sooo much of our lifting and daily life.  Back muscles are best built from heavy deadlifts, chin-ups, and rows.  Everyone can stall out quickly without the right challenging variations.  Below are 2 back exercises that will add variety to your back routine and bust you out of any stalls.

Supported Meadows Rows -  Put a barbell in a corner secured from moving (lifting rack or corner of a room), and perpendicular to a bench and row.  Grip is pronated vs. the dumbbell row of neutral grip.  Start with one arm, leave the bar right where it is and just turn around on the same side of the bench and do the other arm.  I always use straps and go heavy.  If you do not use straps you will be limited to your grip. 

Wide Grip Inverted Rows - Inverted rows are excellent way to really concentrate on the back.  Add an additional challenge by performing them with hands set wider than normal and your elbows flared out instead of tucking them in (like you would do on normal inverted rows).   

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