Monday, January 21, 2013

Pigged Out - SO Exercise Immediately and Make it Legs

One of the best times to put in an intense workout is when you fell off the wagon and pigged out.   You should take advantage of the thermogenesis that results from eating.    It is called diet-induced thermogenesis (DIT).   It is the increase in energy expenditure (burning calories) needed to process the food ingested.   Since your thermogenesis is up (metabolism), you can hit the exercising and rev up that metabolism even more.    Burn off more of that “pig out meal” right away with the double punch of DIT and exercise induced thermogenesis.    

To take that a step further, do an intense leg workout.    Legs are the largest muscle group and require the most energy (more calories are burned).   However, remember that intensity is a factor.    Go for the most taxing move that requires the most intensity -- squats with a free barbell.

So when you have had a good cheat meal...  Do not just go and sit on the couch.     Take advantage of the “refueling” your body just received and work out those legs with intensity.  

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