Monday, March 12, 2012

Eating Out - Menu Information

Menu Information

The nutrition information you see on a menu is a guideline and not an exact fact. When preparing a sample dish for analysis, ingredients are precisely measured. However, meals are not going to be as carefully executed day in and day out as they were for the nutrition analysis. Unless it is a highly automated process where every everything down to the sauces are premeasured, you are going to get portions that are significantly larger, cooked in more oil or butter and served with more salt, sauce or salad dressing than the version that was analyzed.

However, it is possible to find the healthier dishes by reading menu descriptions carefully. Words that are sure to be full of calories and unhealthy are “creamy,” “crispy,” “smothered,” “rich,” “thick,” “loaded” or anything topped with cheese. Words that are a smarter choice are “steamed,” “seared,” “poached” or “grilled”.

Surf the web for online menus before eating out. Know what the restaurant has to offer and get a few selections in mind before sitting down at the table.

Other things to consider: .If your meal comes with a starch (potato, fries, etc.) opt for double vegetables. Ask for them to be steamed without butter. Pass on the bread. Ask for a side salad with the dressing on the side. Even sandwiches without the bread/bun are a better choice.
Enjoy the occasional meal out but make smart choices so you do not reverse all the effort you have put into working out by eating right.

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