Monday, July 23, 2012

Caffeine and Sports

Caffeine is another highly debated subject.    We are living in a generation of Monster, Red Bull, AMP, 5-hour energy, triple espressos, etc.   Is it all bad?  Is it all good?

Being the queen of energy drink consumption, I think I can speak from experience as well as some facts on caffeine.    Caffeine and its effects vary from individual to individual.  One’s metabolism, combined with the frequency and quantity of caffeine consumed, all play a role on the effects on your body. 

Positives of caffeine:  Improves long-term endurance and stamina.  Decreases fatigue and muscle soreness.  Stimulates the central nervous system and increases mental focus and concentration.   Stimulate the muscles to burn more fat and rev up metabolism.

Negatives of caffeine:  Headaches, irritability and upset GI tract to name a few. 

Caffeine use is banned in many sporting events because it is believed to provide a competitive edge when consumed in significant quantities.

The best advice I can offer is if you consume caffeine regularly and especially if you prefer the highly caffeinated “energy drinks” then I highly recommend that you cycle your usage.   Caffeine forces adrenal glands to secrete adrenaline.  You might recall from previous blog entry that this is the hormone associated with “flight or fight”.   In order to not degrade your system, at least once a month go for a week without using highly caffeinated products.  Allow your body to reset itself.   

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