Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Suck in Your Gut

It is summer time and everyone wants those washboard abs.   But as I've mentioned previously, no TV gimmick or time sitting on the ab machine at the gym will magically shrink away the fat, add muscle and tone to those abs.    (See previous post on this subject.)    However, one thing that will make your mid-section look better is good posture and a solid core.   Compound moves are key to a solid core.   Body fat percentage is key to showing any ab muscles.   

Posture and core can be improved by a simple task that you can do anywhere.   “Suck in the gut."  The saying has a lot of merit to it.    There are many deep layers to your abs (way deeper than you can see) and these extend into your lower back making a “core” that impacts every move.   

Simply pull in your abs while keeping a straight and good posture.  Breathe – do not hold your breath.   Try this anywhere and anytime of the day.   You will not get washboard abs from this but you will strengthen your abs in the deep layers and help build better posture to support your back.

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