Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Grip Strength – Functional Strength

I never paid much attention to grip strength UNTIL I shattered my wrist in 2007.    I wanted to recover quickly and part of my recovery was building up my grip and hand strength.    During that process and as a result of my research, I became a firm believer in grip strength's importance in all areas of our lives.    I was going to write an article on this topic when I came across one that I believe speaks in volume.

1.       There are a few exercises you can do to increase and strengthen your grip and hand strength.
2.       Static barbell or dumbbell holds.   Simply pick up heavy barbell or dumbbells and hold.
3.       "Plate pinches".   You grip two weight plates from the top, with your thumb on one side and your fingers on the other, then pick up the plates and hold for as long as possible.
4.       “Grip hangs”   Grap an overhead bar and hang from it for as long as you can.
5.       Fingertip pushup -   Same as a standard pushup but use your fingertips. 

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