Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Men Become Weaker, Women Hold their Own – Aging

Both genders have two powerful hormones, testosterone and estrogen.   The ratio of one to the other is the key to our muscle build and strength.   As men age, they lose testosterone.  In fact, some of it is converted to a form of estrogen.   They lose strength and the muscle mass they had in their youth.  This actually happens pretty quickly, especially after the age of 30. 

As women age, they lose their estrogen and testosterone too, but they lose the estrogen faster.   Therefore, the proportion of estrogen to testosterone decreases.  Consequently, women can maintain their strength longer.  Many women only start in powerlifting as an example as they are in the middle age.  

Bottom line……….. WOMEN – never too late to start lifting heavy weights….. 

Stay tuned………… 

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