Monday, May 21, 2012

Diet – IS a 4 Letter Word (So don’t think this way..)

Diet IS a 4-letter word.   At some point, everyone decides they want to lose xx pounds in xx timeframe.   Therefore, they instantly think, “I have to go on a diet."   In that mindset, you instantly set yourself up to fail.   True success is not xx pounds in xx timeframe and depriving yourself for short-term change on the scales.   True success is a healthy life (all aspects – weight, exercises, food choices, food consumption timing, stamina, etc.).   No one can “diet” long term (not to mention the destruction it can do to your metabolism and overall health).   However, everyone can make wiser choices for a life long duration.    

Fitness and healthy lifestyle is a journey.   It is not about depriving yourself, so do not set yourself up even with the word – DIET.  

Stay tuned……….

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