Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Partial Reps

Partial reps are great to help you work on the weak points of your range of motion.   Not all areas within the full ROM are equally affected.   Everyone has a “sticking point”.    Partial reps can be used to work on your sticking points and to increase overall strength.  

Do your partial reps sets after your complete full ROM workout.   For squats, set the safety bars in a squat rack at say 4-6 inches below full lock out.   Load 20-30% more weight than your max on the bar and squat down and back up for 4-6 reps.   Every week you do partial reps, set the safety bar down another couple of inches.   Soon you will be doing full ROM with the heavier weight.    

As for the bench press and partials, we use the bottom of the ROM.  Use a Smith machine or power rack and set the safety bars about 6 inches above your chest.  Again, use a heavier weight than your normal max and every week lower the safety bars until you reach full ROM with the heavier weight.      Be sure in all partial moves to not rest the bar on the safety bars or pause. You do not want to take tension off the working muscles.

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