Friday, December 28, 2012

Rack Chins – Great Back Move

Pull-ups (chin-ups) are a staple to any fitness program.   They are solid compound moves.   However, the mass majority of people use momentum as a cheat to complete the move.   It is very hard not to.    

I recently stumbled upon rack chins as an interesting alternative.    I believe they are a great back exercise for all levels of lifters and fitness-seekers.  This move restricts momentum and is easier to progress in weight/intensity -- even for beginners. 

So what are rack chins????   You place a barbell in a rack or use a smith machine.   Place the bar mid-chest level.  Set up an adjustable bench with the head end closest to the bar at an incline (a 45 degree incline).  Sit down on the bench under the bar and push the bench back so that your heels will rest right on the edge of the bench.  You can vary you grip.   However, I suggest a very wide grip. Simply perform a chin up. Your hips should be lower than your feet even at the top of the rep.  Adjust the incline if needed to ensure feet are much higher than hips.  When you lower yourself at the bottom of the rep, really stretch.  Explode back up.  You have completed a rep.  As you advance, add weight by putting plates or dumbbells in your lap. 

Great back move !!

Stay tuned…….

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