Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Deloading Phase

Sports’ training has cycles.  You train to peak at the time of competition and then you  “deload” and then start training again.   The same can be and should be done with your fitness routine whether you are competing at a sport or simply working out for fitness and health.  

Deloading means you do less weight for a period of time.  Going full tilt all the time will lead to overtraining and injury.   You will become stagnate or decline in your personal best attempts.   After an intense training cycle (varies by person and objective), try dropping the weight load by at least 10-20% and reduce the number of sets.   Still keep the routine to the main big compound moves.   Do this for a week or so and then hit it again and you will push past your plateau and set new personal best records. 

As the saying goes…….. sometimes less is more……….     

Stay tuned………..

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