Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Kettlebell Swings - Full Body Workout

How about another great compound move?  This is a nice switch to introduce once every few weeks to switch it up from your normal lifting routine -  Kettlebell Swings.  Kettlebell Swings are very simple and yet at the same time they are a kick butt exercise. This unique exercise is a whole body workout.

To do Kettlebell Swings (you can also use dumbbells), you must let the bell hang in your arm.  Envision it as a pendulum.   Start by swinging the kettlebell down between your legs with a slight knee bend.  This is not a squat position.  For explosion your hips should be pushed back and create tension in your hamstrings.  Drive upwards with your legs and straighten from your waist with a pop to propel from the hips and lower body and not from your arms and upper body.  Keep your core tight.  Then swing the bell up to chest level. Swing the kettlebell back down between your legs and repeat. Keep control of the weight the entire time.  

I recommend doing medium weights and higher reps.  I do these during weeks along with 100s of Pull Ups and Dips, about once a month for me to keep the body guessing.

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