Monday, August 18, 2014

2 A Day Training

Training multiple times a day is something I have done off and on in my “fitness” years.    I returned to doing this the past several months and am seeing more gains.     I wanted to share with you why I believe in it.   

Training twice (or multiple) times per day can break through plateaus and allow for more intense workouts.   The shorter sessions allows you to focus on lifting quality (concentrate on every rep).   I don’t do this every day but I do it regularly.    I do same muscle groups in the day.    Compound move in the morning and then auxiliary moves in the afternoon.   So for example, I will do heavy bench day in the morning and then in the afternoon do auxiliary chest moves.    I focus on intensity: Short and intense sessions.    

Even with cardio you can split a 30 minute moderately intense cardio session into two 15-minute sessions.   More calories will be burned with high intensity 15 mins vs. slugging it through a full 30-minutes.

Space out the workouts so you have time to rest and get in good nutrition in between.  You want to attack the sessions with focus.  

The main goal is intensity.    Stay strong !!!

Stay tuned……..