Saturday, December 31, 2011

Power Breakfast - Protein Pancakes

Breakfast is by far the most important meal of the day. Your body has been fasting all night and it needs fuel to fire up the metabolism furnace.

One product that I have found to be invaluable is vital wheat gluten. It can be found in most groceries (usually in the organic / healthy eating section). It can also be found at Whole Foods and Trader Joe’s. It is usually with the flours and baking goods. Vital wheat gluten is the protein portion of wheat. It can be used in most recipes that call for flours.

My current power protein breakfast consists of vital wheat gluten mixed with Egg Beaters® to make a batter. I then cook it like you would a pancake. It is full of protein and taste very good. You can experiment with the ratio you prefer for the consistency desired. You can use Egg Beaters or eggs (or mix of both). You can add in some cinnamon, vanilla or flavoring to add to the breakfast experience. You can also use low sugar preserves to put on top of it and YUMMY.

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Thursday, December 29, 2011

Rethinking Approach to New Year's Resolution

The New Year is just around the corner -- traditionally a time when one makes a resolution to lose weight and be healthier. The temptation and pattern is to jump on cardio equipment as the answer to leaning out.

Instead consider Resistance Training (also called weight lifting or strength training). This will always be superior to cardio for weight loss. Although you may actually burn more calories in the cardio workout session, your body stops the burning of calories within an hour after the cardio session is over. Strength training will also burn many calories during a session BUT due to the nature of “stressing” the muscles, your body will continue to burn calories from that session for up to 36 hours after the session has ended.

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Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Build Muscle / Lean Out

Whether your goal is to build muscle or lean out (lose fat) you will use the same common approach. Muscle is the single biggest determinant of your energy expenditure (metabolism). Simply being more muscular boosts your body’s energy needs. Each pound of muscle you have can burn up to 50 additional calories just to maintain. That is with no effort on your part.

Now women…….. I know I know….. You don’t want to bulk up; you just want to lose fat and look toned. But it is the MUSCLE that gives you that “toned” look.

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Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Welcome to Bales Power Training

Giving YOU the "power" to meet your fitness goals.

Bales Power Training will provide you with proven and factual information regarding all aspects of "fitness." I will sort through all the mis-information that is posted, published or perceived and provide you with simple facts. Simple tools and tips to give you the "power" to meet your individual goals whether it is losing weight, achieving health/fitness for longevity, gaining muscle or simply being more "fit."