Monday, March 31, 2014

KISS Method in Fitness

Those that know me, know that I believe very strongly in KEEP IT SIMPLE. Whether applied in work, lifting, food plan, etc – I really believe in a straight forward and simple approach.

When we all first started lifting, we by nature kept things simple. And we made gains !!! Great gains. Then we all want more. So we start reading more, researching, watching YouTube videos of those we thought knew more than us. And in the quest for “more” we often stray from what was and had been working all along. We start overcomplicating our workouts. We get impatient and we switch it up again for yet another complicated program we “researched” on the web. Our gains become less and less instead of more.

The bottom line………… Keep your lifting program SIMPLE. Simple WORKS.

Stay strong and focused……….

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Be Accountable to Yourself


This applies to sooo many areas of our lives: Work, family, friends, and yes, your personal fitness plan.

I have been listening to the audiobook of QBQ (Question Behind the Question). It was recommended to me by my boss and good friend. I have listened to it now at least 3 times and every time I pick something else up from it. I plan on listening a few more times.

Being the OCD person I am with a HUGE passion for all forms of “fitness”, I saw how this can also apply to my lifting and fitness plan.

BE ACCOUNTABLE to yourself. No blame, no excuses. Take ownership of your program. Stop blaming your trainer, your lack of sleep, your lack of focus, your lack of time. Ask yourself what you can do to change your results. Learn and apply that learning into action.

YOU are accountable to YOU. Ask yourself what can YOU do to help YOURSELF achieve your goals, get to your next fitness level, apply what you have learned. This “ME” mindset can really develop you into a whole new level of fitness journey.

Stay focused and strong……………

Thursday, March 6, 2014

Reverse Grip – Bust Through Plateaus

Changing your grip can add variety and help you bust through plateaus. Changing grip will target muscles from different angles and place different stress on them. If your lifting has hit a plateau, a reverse grip should be considered.

Reverse grip can be used on many key exercises. For example, lat pulldown, bench presses, or barbell rows

Reverse grip does place a greater amount of stress on the wrists compared to other grips. To help with the stress you can when training back or triceps with a reverse grip use the EZ-bar. It reduces the stress on the wrist by positioning the hand with an angled position.

Change your grip and bust through those plataeus.

Stay tuned……….

Monday, March 3, 2014

Food Labels FINALLY Get MakeOver

Hello. I apologize for letting my blog go a month without entry. Work and work travel has gotten in the way of my blog. Never in the way of my lifting (I have actually hit some personal records lately) but has made my blog suffer. Will rectify and get back on course with articles.

Here are the articles I wanted to share. FINALLY - food labels will be updated.

Focus will be on calories and sugar. FINALLY !!!!!!

Stay tuned…………. LIFT STRONG………