Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Consistency in Measuring Progress

TRACK IT……….. The majority of people that have made a commitment to their lifestyle changes for better health and fitness, TRACK. Tracking / logging / recording your “journey” is very important but the key is consistency in the measuring process.

Whether you are tracking steps, miles, weights, # of floors (stairs), etc…. the key is consistency in measuring. Make sure you are comparing apples to apples. I highly recommend you track more than one area of your healthy fitness life. I track many areas of my fitness lifestyle. I track # of steps, miles, # of floors, food intake, and of course my weight lifting. I make sure to track my progress that I’m logging exact comparisons. For example, you cannot track progress if you are comparing a standing shoulder press to a seated shoulder press. My sister got me hooked on FitBit Force. So daily I have consistency in comparisons as it is measuring consistently my # of steps, # of miles and # of floors. The only way to improve is to log and see your progress. And consistency is the key .

SIDE NOTE: The point that I always preach is the NUMBER ON THE SCALE DOES NOT DEFINE YOU! When you do “fitness” correctly, you are strength training and eating properly. Your body will keep or even gain muscle while shedding fat. This is NOT reflected on the scales. Many do crash dieting and hours of cardio. This will indeed show on the scales but you will be losing LOTS of muscle as well as the fat.

Stay strong and stay tuned…………..

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Start New Year - PATIENCE

Patience. It is one of my biggest weaknesses.

However, as we start a new year, one of my self-improvement goals is to develop more patience.

I believe that patience is a big factor often overlooked in fitness. Fitness and healthy living is NOT measured in days and weeks. Rather it is about months and years. As the cliché goes, “life is a journey."

Whatever your goal is, whether it is muscle-building, strength, endurance, body fat ratio or any combination of these, you should strive for quality and balance for the long term. This requires patience and consistency. At the beginning of the year everyone wants a “quick fix" and then they want to go back to their old ways.

The BIG points to success are exercise selection, intensity, frequency, and volume. AND PATIENCE.

Stay tuned…. Stay STRONG………..