Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Technique & Form Over Weight

Every gym I go into, regardless of location, I always find at least one lifter throwing around some unrealistic weight:  Bench presses going only a few inches up and down.   Squats a mile high of parallel.   Barbell curls that uses all momentum and no biceps.    They focus on the weight and not on the form and muscle contraction.     I have been guilty of this myself.  It is easy to get caught up in the numbers of the weight and lose track of the form and the real muscle work. 

The better the form, the more benefits.   When you cheat on form, you cheat on yourself and will not have the results you are working soo hard to obtain.   And you are setting yourself up for injury. 

The keys to proper form include:   Use full range of motion.  Use controlled reps – do not use momentum.   Keep a flat back as rounding will lead to injury.  Enlist a spotter that knows the proper form for the exercise you are performing.  It always helps to have someone watch and monitor your form.  Often times as you are doing the move it is hard to determine exactly your form.   I always have a spotter when I do deadlifts and squats.   I do not want to cheat myself.    

Lift strong with good form!

Stay tuned…….

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