Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Shoulder Press - Challenging Variation

If you have been reading my blog, you know overhead press (shoulder press) is one of the 7 staples in our compound moves. Here is a variation of it that I tried for the first time yesterday. It will absolutely will shock your shoulders and core.

This variation is not easy. You will be sitting on the floor for this press. Sit in a squat rack. Do not start with the barbell on the floor. Set the pins in the squat rack a couple of inches below shoulder level and place your barbell there. Your legs are together and straight (no bend in the knees). No slouching. Sit up straight with no back support. Sit on your hamstrings and not your butt to make sure your lower back stays tight and upright. Grab the barbell and perform the movement like the standards overhead press.

This is no way of cheating and you have no assistance. You may be humbled as I was on the amount of weight you can lift in a strict form press. Go light until you get the feel for it. Very challenging.

Stay tuned…………….

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