Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Dips - The Upper Body Squat

Dips are often called the upper body squat. Dips work the shoulders, chest and triceps.  They are great overall exercise for building an upper body.

Perform dips by grasping two parallel bars that are approximately shoulder-width apart. Raise yourself up to an initial position with your arms extended and supporting the entire weight of your body.   Then lower your body to a position where your elbows are bent, your upper arm is parallel to the floor.  Pause and then use your arms to push yourself upwards to the initial position.  Keep your elbows tucked in through the entire repetition.  If you are working out at a gym, the Captain's Chair is a great piece of equipment with handles at just the right height. 

If you do not yet have the strength to support your bodyweight on the parallel bars then try bench dips instead.   These are a great way to gain the benefits of performing dips until you have sufficient strength to perform regular dips.    Bench dips are performed by placing your hands on the edge of a bench at your sides and a bit behind you then mimic the same move as on parallel bars (lowering your body until your upper arm is parallel to the floor).   Initially you may need to start with feet on the floor and work your way up to placing your feet on a support of some type (feet on a bench as example).    

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