Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Rows- Pull-Type Compound Exercise

Your back consists of a major muscle group -- one of the biggest. It is made up of many separate muscles. A strong back is essential to good posture and proper balance. We use our backs in essentially everything we do daily. Ever had a sore back? If so, you know how it is fundamental to almost every movement (sitting, standing, walking, laying).

Bent over rows are a compound exercise that involves a whole array of muscles, and not just in the back, but also notably the posterior deltoids and the biceps. Both barbell and dumbbell bent over rows are tremendous examples of upper back exercises.

The bent over row is an exercise where many people "cheat." In an effort to row more weight, people lean back (upright) which becomes more of a shrug. Unfortunately, these work more of your traps and not your back. Instead, keep your back PARELLEL to the floor. When performing the barbell rows, return the bar to the floor on each rep. This will strengthen your entire back more than any other row variation.

Barbell Row – Technique:

Row each rep from the floor. As when you deadlift, the bar starts and returns to the floor on each rep. Stand behind the bar and bend at the waist to pick it up. The barbell should be above the middle of your feet when you start rowing, same stance as on conventional deadlifts. Grip the bar as you do for bench presses (same hand width). Your barbell row should be the exact opposite movement of your bench press, that is, instead of pushing away from your chest, pull it towards you using the exact same motion. Pull your elbows towards the ceiling instead of merely pulling with your hands. This will help you use your upper-back rather than turning your rows into a biceps exercise. Row to your chest. Same position as where you touch the bar on the bench press. If the bar does not hit your chest, it is like doing partials. Keep your back parallel. Try not to swinging the weight. Use good strict form. Keep your head down to prevent inquiry.

An alternative exercise to barbell row is the dumbbell row. To use dumbbells, apply the same techniques as above.

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