Monday, December 17, 2012

Fries - Alternative

Successful healthy eating can be challenging.   Some people feel it is too much of a sacrifice to give up those potato chips or French fries.   Some think they are being healthier when choosing sweet potato fries and then end up with more calories and fat than normal French fries.

There IS an alternative without sacrificing..    Butternut squash fries!!   I did not even think I liked butternut squash until recently.   Now I peel and bake my butternut squash into “fries” and “chips”.       I even make myself butternut squash chips nachos by adding some chicken, low fat cheese, scallions and salsa on top of the baked chips.    It absolutely gives the same texture and taste as sweet potato fries with sooo much less calories and carbs.

Try it !!!  

Stay tuned……….

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