Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Posture - Back and Core

This weekend I was able to get in a few great hikes. As I was hiking, I became aware of my posture. Then I flashed back to my grandmother. She used to take her middle finger knuckle and if you were slouching, she would dig that knuckle in the center of your back. Trust me – you stood up straight then!!!  I also watch younger folks especially kids. They lay all over the counters, tables, everything and anything. Good posture has sure gone out the window.

Poor posture is caused by both tight and weak muscles. To help with posture, make sure you do plenty of back and core exercises to strength those muscles and hold you straight upright. See previous blog postings for movements/exercises.

It is said that posture has a direct impact on your confidence. So STAND TALL and CONFIDENT. Practice it.

Stay tuned………. Stay strong………..

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