Monday, May 7, 2012

Veggies - Cooked or Raw?

Vegetables…. Do you cook them or eat them raw?   As with everything else in nutrition, fitness and training, there are always thousands of conflicting bits of information.   Some “experts” say eat your veggies raw and as many “experts” say, eat them cooked.  

Sorting through it all can be challenging and confusing, but here is what I believe:   Boiling and steaming vegetables not only preserves but also supplies more antioxidants and some vitamins (such as Vitamin A).   The down side is it does degrade some of the Vitamin C. 

Trying to compare raw and cooked food is complicated.   There are benefits to both.  If cooked vegetables will enable you to eat more, then by all means cook your veggies.  There is not a significant “healthier” choice between raw and cooked.   Bottom line is: Eat your veggies.

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