Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Tricep PushUps (Great Builder of Arms)

How about this for a different twist on an old favorite?

The triangle push up also knows as the diamond push up focuses on your triceps and shoulders.  It is one of the most challenging of all push up variations. 

Tricep pushups must be performed with proper positioning of the hands and elbows.    You put your hands together to form the shape of a diamond, in other words, your index fingers touch and your thumbs touch to make a diamond.  Your elbows must be kept in towards your sides the entire rep.     The “regular” pushup your hands are shoulder length apart and the emphasis is on the chest muscles.    Diamond hand positioning and strict elbows tucked in puts the emphasis on the triceps.    Keep the body straight throughout the whole movement. 

This is a move to wrap up a day you do dips.  Perform as your “burn out” move after heavy dips (heavy tricep day).

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