Monday, September 17, 2012

Whey Protein - Timing / Limit

All proteins are NOT equally beneficial.

Whey protein is advertised everywhere.   Promoted to be the cure all for protein / nutritional needs.   Many concentrate on only using whey protein throughout the day.    However, that could be exactly what is hampering your fat loss.    Whey protein spikes your blood sugar / insulin levels.  

The entire purpose of whey protein was to be consumed after your workout.   This is when your body needs to quickly deliver a spike of protein and nutrients to your muscles to help you preserve and gain muscle.  Whey protein is absorbed faster than any other type.  It is completely absorbed in your body within an hour.       If you consume whey protein any other time other than post workout, you start an insulin spike and turn off any fat burning.  The result is that you will be hungry soon, as the whey is sooo fast absorbing.

Advice -  consume whey protein only post workout.    All other daily protein should come from natural sources (real food) or blended proteins (casein, etc.). 

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