Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Static Holds

Static holds are also known as isometric holds (exercise).   This is where you put the focus on tension in the muscle.  This is performed without any movement.   These are great to build muscle definition.   There are two kinds of static holds - with or without resistance (weights).   

Planks are an example of a static hold without weights.   You simply HOLD the position for as long as you can.    Another example is flexing the muscle hard.   When I shattered my wrist, I wanted and needed (mentally and emotionally) to find a way to work the muscles in my arm so I did not lose the hard work I had put into my physique.   I could not hold anything in my left hand.   I typed emails and programmed code with only my right hand for almost 2 months.    After about a week or so, I found all kinds of moves I could do to continue to work my back, chest, shoulders and arms with minimal use of my left hand.    This took lots of creativity (such as strapping on an ankle strap above my wrist for cable moves and using forearms for pushing chest machine moves, etc.).     However, the two areas that were hard to target were my biceps and triceps.   I started holding a long static hold (flex in this case).    It was amazing burn.   Flex as hard as you can and time yourself.  Do several sets.  

Resistance static holds consist of holding the weight at the peak of the range of motion.   Examples include rows where you hold at the top point of the lift.   Therefore, in bent-over rows, you would hold the barbell when it reaches your chest.  Hold for a few seconds and then lower.   During pull-ups hold at the top of the pull up for a few seconds and then lower yourself.     This puts more tension on the muscle and challenges it differently than straight reps.

Add in static holds as part of your rotation and watch yourself bust through plateaus.

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