Monday, January 16, 2012

Eating / ZigZag Approach

Consider eating at least five meals a day. This method will help you control your blood sugar (and thus your cravings). By doing this, with mindful meal planning, you will also get protein throughout the day to support growth. Additionally, the enzymes that store fat will be produced in far smaller amounts. This one/two punch makes your body far less capable of storing fat.

It is important to also do a calorie shifting technique called the zig zag approach. Zig-zagging is outstanding for dropping fat or adding muscle. Your body is constantly trying to stay as is. You might have heard of the “set point." The typical dieting approach (calories at a set level) will cause metabolism to slow down. Your body is trying to stay the same, not lose or gain weight to match your calorie intake. You need to trick the body.

Shift (zig zag) your daily calories. When you zig zag the calories during the week one day you consume only 1,200 calories but the next you might consume 2,000 calories. This keeps your metabolism up and prevents your body from starting the preparation for the "famine" by storing fat (and possibly eating muscle).

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