Wednesday, January 11, 2012

I Have Been Where You May Be........

I have BEEN there………..

I was a stocky farm girl throughout my childhood and into my late twenties.

At 30, I tried the most common approach to weight loss – simply counting calories without focusing on what to eat or paying attention to the timing of meals. I did not care about working out or even care about muscle retention/building. Nevertheless, I got down to 98 lbs on my 5 foot 3 frame. But I wasn't healthy and it wasn't sustainable. Since I basically had no muscle, my body metabolism shut down. When I started eating a bit more (and more typically) I ballooned up to 160 lbs and 36% body fat. My body was adding FAT but no muscle and thus even when eating fewer calories I continued to gain.

At 38, I joined a gym and instantly recognized that "fitness" was my passion. Through a series of trial and error fitness strategies, I got myself down to a lean mean bodybuilding physique at a mere 7% body fat. However, despite my appearance, I could only bench 65 lbs. I had no real strength or stamina. A bodybuilding body is not necessarily everyone's ideal fitness goal, but I proved to myself that I could do it.

During this time, I was not without health challenges: I was diagnosed with chronic reactive hypoglycemia which basically means that I have an intolerance to most carbohydrates. Then, I had a massive heart attack; the kind that falls into the 1% of heart attacks whose cause cannot be explained. Later, I shattered my wrist that required me to rethink and redesign almost every workout move. In each case, my commitment to fitness and nutrition helped me through.

At 45, I had a new fitness goal at the opposite end of the spectrum when I began powerlifting. I used all the "clean" ways to develop muscle -- emphasizing proteins, heavy weight reps and recovery supplements. With training, I performed “gym lifts” in double ply gear achieving squats of 505 lbs, a bench press 303 lbs and deadlifts at 425 lbs. In competitions, I set world and national records.

Today, my fitness goals represent a more balanced approach to life and I sport a healthier 15-18% body fat but I can still bench-press 225 lbs for three

I continue to read, analyze and/or apply just about every technique and "fitness" principle I come across. Along my “fitness” journey, I have also worked out with or been trained by personal trainers from every certifying organization in the US. I have learned a lot about the myths and realities of fitness.

Now, I want to help you become “empowered” to achieve your personal goals.

Stay tuned…………

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