Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Muscle Does Not Grow in the Gym- It Grows AFTER

As hard as you are working in the gym, that is not when your muscles grow or strengthen. Your muscles grow and tone as part of a repair process AFTER you have finished lifting.

When we stress our muscles, we create small tears to the fibers. This forces the fibers to "grow" to repair themselves. The keys to this repair process are proper protein intake (the very building blocks of muscle) and sufficient rest. Then the body will respond. Proper sleep and rest will increase anabolic (muscle building/fat burning) hormones and increase your energy levels.

On the other hand, it becomes very difficult to build muscle and burn fat with lack of sleep, rest and/or when overtraining. These will increase catabolic hormones that are opposite to anabolic hormones. They destroy muscle, negatively affect your body's immune system, contribute to fat storage and reduce your body's insulin sensitivity.

Lift hard to challenge the muscles. It is a matter of quality and not quantity. Get in, work out, then rest ……… Let the amazing human body do its repair process.

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