Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Motivation – Mindset is ALWAYS the Key

We have all heard this one before...“You need to get your head into it."     Everyone has had days that we approach a workout with “man, I cannot do this today."

Even though I love to work out and lift, I too have felt like this on occasion.  However, it is not a  reason to not continue forward anyway.

I have been to many positive thinking seminars for my career:  Stephen Covey, ZIg Ziggler, you name it.    I took very little away from these sessions and thought it was more just rhetoric than reality.     

Then I started into lifting and fitness.    SERIOUSLY.  When it comes to working out, you do have to get your mindset in the correct frame and you CAN do so even if your mind does not start there.     Some of my best and most rewarding lifting sessions have been when I just did not think I was “feeling it."  Nevertheless, once you start you have to clear your mind, set all all other thoughts down for later and hit it hard. 

It does take commitment and focus.  Each person is different and may need their own method but I approach it as if I KNOW I will feel better when I have completed a good workout versus the fact that I will feel guilty if I skip it.   For me, lifting is one thing that is completely within my own control.   It is me – all me.   When work and life seem the craziest, I know that when I step up to that bar to deadlift - I am in control.   I approach it as KNOWING that I can do this, not I “hope” I can do this.   The mind is a powerful powerful tool and especially when it comes to sports.

Clear your mind, KNOW you can do it – and LIFT STRONG……

Stay tuned……..

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