Monday, November 5, 2012

Sweat - NOT the Indicator

Sweat is simply water weight loss.      Consider what happens when you sit in a sauna.   Doing cardio under a hundred layers of sweatshirts/sweatpants is the same principle as a sauna.   A few pounds may be lost temporarily but the weight is regained after fluids have been consumed.   Sweating is simply the body’s way to cool itself down.  

Sweat is also not the indicator of a good workout.   You could row miles and miles in a freezer and never shed a drop of sweat.  That would be an awesome workout!  Conversely, on a July afternoon you could simply walk to your car from a supermarket and be sweating and not expended any calories.    Air temperature and humidity are the factors that dramatically affect our “sweating."

Do not let “sweat” be an indicator of your workout session.  It is all about focus and intensity.    

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